Point Central Smart Home Technology

Enjoy More, Worry Lesssmart_home_illu

In an effort to improve the rental experience for our guests & property owners, Vantage is pleased to partner with one of the industry’s leading Smart Home system providers, Point Central. This cellular-based technology has a high-tech keyless lock system, the ability to manage and monitor thermostats, refrigerators, water systems, electricity & more! Point Central can be set up to allow specific occupancy rules, but can also be easily adjusted at a moment’s notice. It also has been shown to help extend the life of systems & appliances in the home & prevent disasters by alerting owners and our staff when there is a problem. Guests can enjoy their time more and worry less about losing unit keys or getting locked out. It is more secure, efficient and the next leader in innovation and technology. Point Central is optional for homeowners but highly encouraged as more homes are bustling for installation! Learn more about Point Central System featured in the Fall Intel Magazine https://issuu.com/vrmintel/docs/vrm_intel_magazine_fall_2016/29?e=19363421/39738126