Sunny Days Guarantee

We want you to travel without worrying about rainy weather. That’s why Vantage Resort Realty’s exclusive "Sunny Days Guaranteedâ€?Ø program is back by popular demand. For a limited time, we’ll not only help you plan a relaxing vacation, but we’ll actually provide you with a credit if your trip is rained out!

The "Sunny Days Guaranteedâ€?Ø Program is absolutely FREE to Vantage Resort Realty vacation customers and is not available with any other vacation rental company.

How Do I Get the "Sunny Days Guaranteeâ€?Ø?

Just book your vacation at any one of our properties at least 45 days in advance of the check-in date. Your vacation must be at least 7 days in length.

What Do I Get if it Rains?

If your vacation is "rained outâ€?Ø (details below), you will be given a $500 credit for any future reservation with Vantage Resort Realty.

How is the Rainfall Measured?

For purposes of the "Sunny Days Guarantee,â€?Ø daily rainfall is measured at the Ocean City Municipal Airport and not at your condo or other location. The daily amount of rain that falls at the OCM airport will be determined from measurements provided by the National Weather Service or other independent agency. Rainfall will also be audited by a private independent provider of weather information. Vantage Resort Realty will use the data provided by these agencies to determine if a refund applies. If data is compromised or equipment fails at OCMA, the official weather station at Salisbury will be used as backup.

How Much Does it Have to Rain in Order to Get a Refund?

In order to qualify for a refund, it must rain half an inch (0.50 inches) or more on at least half of your vacation days (4 or more days). 7-night minimum stay. Your check-in & check-out days are included in the count of your vacation days.

How Do I Know if I Qualify for a Refund?

If you believe your vacation was rained out (4 or more days of your week’s vacation), you can go directly to the Ocean City Municipal Airport Weather Station

What Do I Have to Do to Get My Refund?

If you have verified that it rained at least ½â€?Ø for 4 or more days out of your week’s vacation, then simply email SunnyDays@VantageOC.com with your name, property name and reservation number. We will verify the information and mail you your refund certificate. That’s it! Your refund certificate will be mailed within 21 days of trip completion directly to the person who purchased the Vantage Resort Realty package.

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