Earn Guaranteed Rental Income

Unsure of Whether to Rent Out Your Vacation Home?

You are not alone.  Many homeowners want to earn rental income from their properties, but are hesitant to enter the rental market because of the unknowns. They have questions like:

  • How will I handle things like advertising, cleaning, maintenance & guests?
  • How much am I willing (& able) to invest into my home to max-out earnings?
  • And perhaps the biggest question of all – “How much can I realistically expect to earn?”

Vantage’s Partnership with Travel Advantage Network

Vantage’s Guaranteed Rental Income program helps owners minimize the guess work. We partner with a company called Travel Advantage Network (TAN), a vacation accommodations program that procures lodging for their travelers across the country. As the tenant of the property, TAN offers guaranteed income for properties that fit the criteria. This is an attractive option because owners know exactly how much they will earn each month, regardless of whether the unit is rented or not! Homes valued at $275K or less are an ideal fit and often yield a higher income than those in a weekly rental program.

Guaranteed Rental Income Program Details


Monthly Checks Rates vary according to size of the unit. Lease terms are either four or six months, depending upon the owner`s needs and location of the property. Owners receive a monthly check, regardless of whether the unit is rented or not!


Cleaning & Maintenance  We handle the details of caring for your property a great option for owners who live don’t live in the Ocean City area or simply want to take a hands-off approach.  Each unit receives pre & post-season deep cleanings/carpet cleanings, basic maintenance, and weekly cleanings between rentals followed by a 20-point inspection. All at no additional charge!


Lower Commission Rate  Our Guaranteed Rental Income program features a commission rate of 12%, which is typically lower than what you find a weekly rental program.


Discounted Travel Owners can take advantage of exclusive travel benefits through Travel Advantage Network. This means access to discounted travel at TAN properties throughout the U.S., Caribbean, Hawaii and Dominican Republic.

Interested in finding out it your vacation property qualifies for our Guaranteed Rental Income program? We are currently taking applications for the 2016 season, and filling up fast. Contact John Magathan of Vantage Vacation Rentals using the information below to learn how much you could be earning. To find out more about TAN, visit their website at PlanWithTAN.com.

Contact John Magathan
Call: 410-723-1780
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