Leave Only Your Footprints

Footprints-1Ever stopped to throw away trash at a Leave only your footprints sign at the end of a beach day in OCMD? Then you`ve participated in the mission of a local surf group responsible for those signs, the OC Chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. For years, they have been Ocean City`s unofficial stewards of the beach, focusing on principles of environmental advocacy and camaraderie in the surfing community.

Recently, the members of this group have decided to break away from the national umbrella of the Surfrider Foundation and are organizing under a new name: the Ocean City Surf Club. Though still carrying on their core principles as before, the group will be focusing even more on the local community and the younger generation of surfers through scholarships and mentoring. This new mission has brought a big wave of enthusiasm to the group, which plans to grow their annual Longboard Challenge by adding a professional surfing contest perhaps something along the lines of the Ocean City Surfing Festival.

According to OCSC spokesman Shelly Dawson, Young, old, local or visitor, all are welcome to participate in this non-profit, beach-centered organization. If you are interested in being a part of OCSC, their next meeting will take place at 11:00 a.m. on March 1st at Bull on the Beach restaurant. For more information, email info@oceancitysurfclub.org or visit OceanCitySurfClub.org.