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Top 5 Reasons Why Vacation Rentals Are Better than Hotels

When it comes time to plan your Ocean City getaway, you may face a common travel conundrum: vacation rentals vs. hotels. Actually, the choice may be easier than you think, especially when you factor in advantages like cost and the square footage available in a vacation home rental.

To help you make a decision you’ll feel good about, we’ve put together the top five reasons why vacation rentals are the better choice for your stay in Ocean City.

Benefit #1 of a Vacation Rental vs a Hotel: Rentals are more cost effective.

Sunset Island 14 Shore Point Dr.
Sunset Island 14 Shore Point Dr.

When you book a vacation rental directly through a property management company, there are no hidden fees or costs that get tacked on during your stay. You’ll know what’s included from the beginning, and the price doesn’t change.

Planning a vacation with multiple families? Stay in a private home that accommodates more people, then save money by splitting the cost. Expenses can become overwhelming at a hotel where you’d need to book multiple rooms for all your guests.

The number one expense when you’re on vacation: daily meals. At short-term rental homes, kitchen and dining areas give you the freedom to cook meals instead of visiting restaurants three times a day in Ocean City, saving you ample money and time.

Benefit #2 of a Vacation Rental vs a Hotel: Rentals are more flexible.

The perfect vacation doesn’t include timed schedules. Book a vacation home and sleep when you want, take your time eating meals, go for a midnight swim—you operate on your time. On the other hand, staying in a traditional hotel means you run the risk of room service interrupting your nap, waiting in line for continental breakfast and missing out on restricted pool hours—to name a few inconveniences.

And while most hotels offer costs per night, vacation rentals in Ocean City have more flexibility with your length of stay, whether it’s a few nights, a week or longer.

Benefit #3 of a Vacation Rental vs a Hotel: Rentals offer more space.

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The average size of a vacation rental is 2,000 square feet. A hotel room? More like 400 square feet. Not ideal.

Keep your family vacation stress-free at a rental property where you can enjoy time together but retreat to your own space when you need some privacy. (Did we mention no fighting over the bathroom?)

Benefit #4 of a Vacation Rental vs a Hotel: Rentals give you more for your money.

Today’s travelers have certain expectations and preferences for amenities. Among those frequently on the wish list:

• Fast (free) Wi-Fi connections
• Kitchens
• Hot tubs, pool and game tables
• Free parking

Sound good to you? Clearly, all these amenities are much more common in vacation rentals than hotels.

Perks like washing machines and coffee makers help you feel more at home during your stay and often come standard in vacation rental properties. Hotels, however, often charge extra for things like Internet connectivity and movie players.

Benefit #5 of a Vacation Rental vs a Hotel: Rentals offer peace and privacy.

Top View 2N

Even if you book a rental beachfront property in Ocean City, you’re likely to have more breathing room than travelers who opt for hotels. Spare yourself from noisy guests across the hall in a busy hotel and stay in a rental property where you’re free to get a little noisy yourself.

Whether you’re interested in a lazy getaway or an exciting family vacation, make the easy choice to book a rental property—the perfect balance of seclusion and activity.

The team at Vantage is standing by now to help you find an Ocean City rental property that delivers all these benefits and more. Call one of our friendly reservationists at (410) 723-2002 or book direct at www.VantageOceanCity.com.

When in Doubt, Stay Out: Rip Currents

With the more than usual shark sightings this season, everyone has been reading up on beach safety measures and procedures. While a shark sighting can be alarming, there is actually a bigger situation to be aware of. There are only on average 6 shark-related deaths a year globally, but many people don`t know that more than 100 people each year die from rip current related drowning alone. In fact, at least 80% of lifeguard rescues are due to rip currents.

What is a rip current?

Rip currents are powerful, fast-moving channels of water (some move up to 8 feet per second) that typically flow from the shoreline to beyond the area where waves break. A misconception about these currents is that they pull you under and that is not the case. What causes swimmers to go under is when they begin to panic. There is actually no current in the ocean that will pull you under.

Spot the rip current before it`s too late

Common characteristics of rip currents include:

  • Choppy channel of water that has a churning motion
  • Line of sea foam, seaweed or debris that is moving steadily out to sea
  • Disrupted pattern of incoming waves

You are caught, what should you do?

  • Stay calm. Don`t try to fight the current. You don`t want to tire and you certainly won`t win the battle
  • Swim sideways, parallel to the beach. Let the waves take you into shore and just go with them
  • Float or calmly tread water. If you can`t escape with the waves, try this. The current will lose strength offshore and you will be washed out of it and be able to swim away towards shore.
  • Gain assistance. If you are truly unable to reach the shore, draw attention to yourself. Wave your arms and yell for help

In addition, anyone heading out into the ocean should never be alone and should have adequate swimming abilities. You don`t want to take any risks when it comes to your safety.

 – National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration


OCMD Nightlife is Calling

If you`re looking to let loose a little and have a good time, Ocean City, MD is the place to do it. OCMD has much to offer when it comes to entertainment and nightlife. There is a wide selection of bars that transform when the sun goes down. Have your choice of sports bars, live music, karaoke, dance clubs & more! Many of OC`s most popular spots will have specials on certain nights of the week so be sure not to miss out. Here are just a few favorites and some insider info.

  • Fager`s Island Monday Night Deck Parties w/ DJ, live music & specials
  • Macky`s Bayside Bar & Grill – Tuesday night theme parties
  • Fishtails Great specials on Wednesday nights
  • Seacrets Jamaica USA! A bar restaurant & nightclub all in one. You can literally come during the day and stay all night. There’s no place like it in Ocean City
  • Sandbar Karaoke
  • Cowboy Coast Country Saloon with Mechanical Bull

For more info on OC MD nightlife, check out the links below.
More Here
More Here

Now, if you`re still looking to have some evening fun but with the whole family, the famous OC boardwalk offers rides, arcades and late night food options. There are even a few mini-golf locations that are open late as well.

Your Vacation Home is Waiting

Take Advantage of Low Interest Rates

Considering buying a vacation home in Ocean City? If so, now is a great time. Home values have climbed in the past few years while mortgage rates have gone down. Take advantage of these low interest rates – so low, that in many markets mortgage payments are less than rent, say real estate experts. Buyers can speed the process along by completing their mortgage application and being pre-approved or (even better) fully approved before they start any serious house hunting. Now that spring has finally sprung, it is time to get the ball rolling!

Get Informed About the Local Area

Start off by educating yourself about market values and trends. Enlist the help of a well-connected real estate agent, who can provide inside information about the local market and types of homes that you`re looking for.  Once you narrow down your search to a certain building or part of town, one of the best things you can do is spend some time there as a renter.  This will help you to get a better understanding of the seasons and general atmosphere, which will help in your decision process. Online research can help, but nothing beats first-hand information!

Consider Your Rental Earning Potential

For buyers who plan on using their vacation home as an investment in the rental market, be sure to make a conservative estimate of rental income. Not only does Vantage have a hard-working & successful sales team, but we also have an experienced & knowledgeable rental team all under the same roof!  We`ll give you an accurate estimate of rental income, and even break it down week by week.  With over 400 rental properties, Vantage is one of the best in Ocean City vacation rental management we are here to help you achieve your vacation home goals.


Click HERE to meet our Sales Team & learn more about buying real estate in Ocean City, MD.

Click HERE to learn the benefits of renting with Vantage & request a free Rental Market Analysis.

Enter to Win | Jolly Roger Giveaway

We’re so excited about our newly-redesigned website that we want you to try it out! Now through Jan. 25th, enter to win our Jolly Roger Giveaway just by visiting VantageOceanCity.com through our Jolly Roger Giveaway page. Plus, you can increase your chances of winning and earn additional entries by sharing our contest with friends, or following us on Pinterest. Prize is 2 Daytime “Park & Pier” armbands to Jolly Roger Amusement Park in 2015 ($40 value). Visit our Jolly Roger Giveaway page now to enter!

24th Annual Cruisin' Ocean City rides into town May 15-18, 2014. Car show features over 3,500 customs, classics, muscle cars, trick trucks, and more.

Cruisin’ OC & OC Restaurant Week

Vroom, vroom! Beep, beep! While driving around the last few days, it doesn’t take long to figure out that the 24th Annual Cruisin’ Ocean City is coming up this weekend, May 15-18, 2014. Unique & colorful cars are at every turn, making the sea of everyday SUV`s, sedans & compacts look just a little bit boring.

Starting today, the OC Inlet & Convention Center parking lots will come alive in a total celebration of car culture – one of the largest car shows on the east coast! This show features over 3,500 hot rods, customs, classics, street machines, muscle cars & more. In addition, spectators can enjoy a variety of live entertainment, attractions, vendors, car auctions, and even celebrity guests, including actors Mackenzie Phillips and Paul LeMat of American Graffiti. Be sure to get to the Boardwalk early on Thurs., Fri. or Sat. morning (8 a.m.) as hundreds of cool cars will make their way from 27th St. all the way down to the Inlet Parking Lot. Event runs 9 a.m.-5 p.m. on Thurs.-Sat., and 9 a.m.-4 p.m. on Sun. General Admission for Cruisin’ Ocean City is $10 for adults, and FREE for kids 14 & under. More info at event website CruisinOceanCity.com.

While you’re in town, grab something great to eat during the spring installment of Ocean City Restaurant Week, which is wrapping up this Sunday. From casual fare to fine dining, visitors will enjoy special, fixed-priced menus of $10, $20, $30 & $40 being offered at various participating restaurants. No passes, tickets or coupons required. For a complete list of restaurants, visit OceanCityRestaurantWeek.com.

View more upcoming events throughout the season at the Vantage Events Calendar.