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Vacation Rental Owners

10 Ways Vacation Rental Owners Can Upgrade for Instant Value

Small Upgrades that Create Big Value for Vacation Rental Owners

While many vacation rental owners may not have the funds or resources for major structural changes to their rental properties, there are several types of easy upgrades that can instantly add value. Below are our top recommendations for inexpensive improvements that will help maintain your vacation rental, impress your guests, and pave the way for repeat business in the future.

  • A fresh coat of paint can breathe new life into any vacation home – nothing improves your home’s appearance more than this. Painting is easy and inexpensive and sets the tone throughout the property. Consider adding an accent wall for a splash of color and an interesting design element.
  • Replacing older light fixtures not only improves lighting quality, but also gives your home an updated look and aesthetic appeal.
  • New cabinet doors, knobs and contact paper for shelves and drawers freshen up kitchens and make guests feel at home during their stay.
  • Upgrading to hardwood or tile flooring makes your property easier to maintain and gives it an updated look in online photos.  You will score big points with guests, as well!
  • Contemporary showerheads, toilet paper holders, towel racks or faucets may seem like small details, but they can give bathrooms a clean, personalized touch like that of an upscale hotel.
  • Flat-screen TVs add a modern, streamlined look to your home and greatly improve the viewing experience for guests while they relax on vacation.  With the cost of flat-screen TVs having come down dramatically in price, this is a great opportunity to swap out any older, boxy TVs that may be making your vacation rental look dated.
  • Programmable thermostats can add money-saving and functional elements to the home. Most are inexpensive and easy to install.
  • While it may not be possible to add square footage to your property – especially if it’s located in a condo building – storage within the home can be maximized by installing vertical shelving in workrooms, pantries, closets and garages.
  • Little touches, like updating light switches and doorknobs, can add a fresh feel to any room. Routinely upgrade the bedrooms with hotel-quality bedding, pillows, and mattresses or mattress toppers – all things that guests have come to expect when they travel. New door handles and locks can improve security, as well.
  • Save on energy costs by switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, routinely cleaning your refrigerator coils, and replacing older air conditioning or furnace filters.

Helping vacation rental owners succeed in Ocean City, MD and at the Delaware beaches is our passion. For more tips or to get a free proposal on your next project, contact Vantage Vacation Rentals at 877-319-5808 or email deb@vantageresortrealty.biz. Visit our Vacation Rental Management Services page to learn more about how Vantage can help you maximize your vacation home.

book direct

Book Direct & Save on Your Vacation

Five Reasons Why Smart Travelers Book Direct

Browsing travel websites is a great way to get an overview of the types of places to rent in various vacation spots. You can see a whole bunch of places at once and sort by price, distance, availability, amenities and other factors.  But smart travelers know that the next step isn’t to click on “Book Now” on those sites but instead to book direct from the property owner or agency that manages the rental.  Here’s why:

  • Websites such as Airbnb, VRBO, HomeAway and TripAdvisor add significant traveler fees when you book through them. So do many online travel agencies. You can save substantially by contacting the owner or manager to book direct.
  • Direct contact with the owner or manager makes it easy to communicate special needs without your requests getting “lost in translation.” This provides you with a faster, smoother experience.
  • Many of the best vacation rentals aren’t even listed on major sites because these listings are expensive for property owners. Along the North Carolina coast, for example, only 30% of all rental properties are listed on the major sites. You could be missing out.
  • Owners and managers offer helpful insider’s knowledge that can enhance your experience and save you valuable vacation dollars. Many have special offers, flash sales, and off-season discounts  that they don’t list on the major sites.
  • If you’re looking for a local’s perspective, property owners and managers can give you the most updated information on their rentals and community. They can tell you about new amenities, lesser-known area events, the best restaurants, and hidden gems around town.

In short, if a particular property management or vacation rental firm has a property – or a few properties – that look good to you, go to that company’s website (such as VantageOceanCity.com!) to book direct. Chances are you’ll find more options, avoid hidden fees on travel websites, and have a smooth experience as you gear up for a great vacation.

Book smarter. #bookdirect. You’ll save on your vacation and have a much better experience.

Vantage Celebrates 10th Anniversary

Celebrating 10 Years of Amazing Vacations

They say that time flies when you’re having fun, and nothing could be more true of the decade that’s flown by since Vantage Vacation Rentals began.   We are pleased to announce that Vantage will be celebrating its 10th Anniversary in October 2017.  It’s exciting to see how far we’ve come.  What began as a desire to see greater personal service and innovative thinking in our local vacation rental & property management industry has grown into a thriving company now represented in three of the East Coast’s most popular resort markets: Ocean City, MD, the S. Jersey Shore & Myrtle Beach, SC.  These core values have become the foundation of who we are and the fire that drives us each and every day.

The Year of Service Excellence: Every Individual. Every Moment. Every Day.

As part of our 10th Anniversary celebration, Vantage has designated 2017 as “The Year of Service Excellence: Every Individual. Every Moment. Every Day.”  This is our way of reinforcing Vantage’s commitment to you.  Stay tuned throughout the year for fun ways that we will be including our guests, property owners, and staff  in celebrating this milestone and sharing our appreciation.  Thank you for allowing us to serve you, and here’s to the next 10 years and beyond.

A Look Back at Vantage Resort Realty History

Oct 2007 – Grand Opening of Vantage’s flagship office in Ocean City, MD


Jan 2008 – Vantage opens on-site check-in office at Belmont Towers, OCMD


Feb 2008 – Vantage opens at the S. Jersey Shore in Somers Point, NJ


Sep 2015 – Vantage begins welcoming guests in N. Myrtle Beach, SC


Apr 2016 – Vantage launches N. Ocean City, MD check-in location for N. OC guests


Sep 2016 – Vantage opens on-site check-in office at Summer Beach, OCMD


Earn Guaranteed Rental Income

Unsure of Whether to Rent Out Your Vacation Home?

You are not alone.  Many homeowners want to earn rental income from their properties, but are hesitant to enter the rental market because of the unknowns. They have questions like:

  • How will I handle things like advertising, cleaning, maintenance & guests?
  • How much am I willing (& able) to invest into my home to max-out earnings?
  • And perhaps the biggest question of all – “How much can I realistically expect to earn?”

Vantage’s Partnership with Travel Advantage Network

Vantage’s Guaranteed Rental Income program helps owners minimize the guess work. We partner with a company called Travel Advantage Network (TAN), a vacation accommodations program that procures lodging for their travelers across the country. As the tenant of the property, TAN offers guaranteed income for properties that fit the criteria. This is an attractive option because owners know exactly how much they will earn each month, regardless of whether the unit is rented or not! Homes valued at $275K or less are an ideal fit and often yield a higher income than those in a weekly rental program.

Guaranteed Rental Income Program Details


Monthly Checks Rates vary according to size of the unit. Lease terms are either four or six months, depending upon the owner`s needs and location of the property. Owners receive a monthly check, regardless of whether the unit is rented or not!


Cleaning & Maintenance  We handle the details of caring for your property a great option for owners who live don’t live in the Ocean City area or simply want to take a hands-off approach.  Each unit receives pre & post-season deep cleanings/carpet cleanings, basic maintenance, and weekly cleanings between rentals followed by a 20-point inspection. All at no additional charge!


Lower Commission Rate  Our Guaranteed Rental Income program features a commission rate of 12%, which is typically lower than what you find a weekly rental program.


Discounted Travel Owners can take advantage of exclusive travel benefits through Travel Advantage Network. This means access to discounted travel at TAN properties throughout the U.S., Caribbean, Hawaii and Dominican Republic.

Interested in finding out it your vacation property qualifies for our Guaranteed Rental Income program? We are currently taking applications for the 2016 season, and filling up fast. Contact John Magathan of Vantage Vacation Rentals using the information below to learn how much you could be earning. To find out more about TAN, visit their website at PlanWithTAN.com.

Contact John Magathan
Call: 410-723-1780
Email: JohnM@VantageOC.com


Vacation Home Owners, List with Us!

It’s Not Too Late To List for 2015!

Vacation home owners – let Vantage help you fill unused days on your beach home’s calendar! We’re seeing a high volume of guests requesting stays in the Ocean City, MD & Delaware beach areas this summer. We have no minimum number of weeks requirements, and owners are welcome to rent on their own along with us. We also offer unique Mini-Week and FlexStay programs, which allow for more flexible guest bookings and owner usage.

Average Rental Amount & Guest Inquiries Are Up

By this point in 2014, Vantage had already been seeing an average booking of $2900 for 7-night stays during prime season. Currently in 2015, we’ve seen an average booking of $3279 for 7-night stays during prime season. 6 out of the 12 prime weeks in our inventory are already 60-75% occupied (in addition to prime weekends such as Memorial Day, July 4th, Ocean City Air Show & White Marlin Open) – yet we are still receiving up to 200 inquiries a day from guests seeking lodging in the Ocean City area. The demand is out there for additional rentals – don’t miss out!

Still On the Fence About Renting?

Our goal is to provide you with exceptional service and maximum results in Ocean City’s rental market. Vantage Vacation Rentals is different from other vacation rental management companies because we have:

Dedicated Agents  Owners receive individual attention and personal contact information from their listing agent, who communicate with owners on a regular basis to discuss vacancies, pricing strategies, and property care details.

Meticulous Care  Our Property Care Department is on-call 24-hours a day including holidays to ensure homes are maintained at the highest level for our owners and guests. Our team even replaces light bulbs, batteries, and A/C filters free of charge if owners provide the supplies.

21-Point Inspections  In addition to RentalReady pre-season inspections, homes are inspected after EVERY checkout & and again before EVERY check-in to assess unit condition and ensure cleaning vendors uphold our strict housekeeping standards.

Guest Benefits  Vantage provides your guests with added benefits and services to make their vacation easy & relaxing, such as Free Welcome Bag of Starter Amenities, Free Gym Passes, Complimentary Business Center, Worry-Free Linen Service, Mid-Week Cleaning, Grocery Delivery & more.

Questions?  Give us a call at 800.555.4099 to speak to one of our experienced rental agents, or fill out our Owner Contact Form to request additional information.