Top Signs It’s Time to Switch Rental Management Companies

A rental property in Ocean City, MD, can be a wonderful source of joy—and income. There is a catch, though.

Unless you have all the time in the world on your hands, you’ve probably hired a property manager to make owning a vacation property as simple and profitable as possible. Rental management companies can range from the amateur to the professional to the exceptional. You and your home deserve the latter.

So how do you know if you’ve chosen the right one? How do you know if you should explore other options?

Have no fear: We’ve put together the top eight signs it’s time to change course on your property rental management company. Vantage has been in the rental management industry in Ocean City for over a decade. We know what separates great rental management companies from the mediocre or down right bad ones.

Sign 1: Lack of communication

Whether you’re discussing vacancies, pricing strategies or maintenance requests, the communication between you and your management company should be quick, easy and free of worry and friction.

Questions to ask about your management company’s communication style include:

  • Are they returning your calls and emails quickly?
  • Are they proactive?
  • Do they reach out to you about matters large and small regarding your property?
  • Do they ever dismiss your attempts at communication?

Sign 2: Does not inspire trust

Your rental property is one of your biggest assets and should not be left in the hands of just anyone. It’s very important that you as a property owner have the utmost trust in your rental management company.

That’s not limited to simply trusting the employees of your rental management company to enter your property and care for it. You also need to feel confident that the vendors and guests in your home are trustworthy as well.

You also need to have faith in your management’s work ethic and honesty, so you know you’re maximizing your rental income potential.  

Sign 3: Poor or nonexistent inspection processes

You want your guests to have the industry standards of cleanliness and comfort whenever they use your home, but you can’t be there to make sure it happens. That’s where your property manager comes in.

A good manager inspects your property before and after guests stay to make sure there’s no damage. Without this attention to detail, damage and related charges can be missed, and the costs likely fall to you. Your vacation property manager needs to be careful and consistent so that nothing—positive or negative— is overlooked.

Sign 4: No promotion or marketing

Ocean City, Maryland, is one of America’s favorite vacation destinations. But popularity comes with a price, and that price is competition. There are many beautiful homes and condos for rent in Ocean City, and the only thing that’s going to help yours rise to the top is powerful promotion.

If this aspect of home ownership has been left up to you, then your rental management company is not doing its job. Your home should be part of a management company’s social media campaigns and featured in blogs, email blasts, online promotions and at seasonal events. Visibility is essential for a full rental calendar!

Sign 5: Outdated technology

Technology has made renting a vacation property more convenient for all parties, including owners. For example, guests should find an intuitive interface where they can easily search for and book your property. It’s also possible for your rental management company to provide easy and safe keyless entry for your guests and to partner with outside companies for smart energy management, which can drive down utility costs.

Don’t let the benefits of these tech innovations pass you by. If none are being used with your rental, it’s time you start looking elsewhere.

Sign 6: No personal relationship

A good rental management company knows that success isn’t just about maintaining your house, it’s also about maintaining a relationship with you, the owner.

Personal relationships matter, and a great rental management company will make sure you are not dealing with different employees every time you contact them. If you’re not being matched with a single point of contact for all your needs and asks, then your management company is not committed to building a relationship with you. You should feel like a valued customer, not a number.  

Sign 7: The simplest tasks seem difficult

One of the top reasons you hired an Ocean City rental property manager was to make your homeowner experience headache free. If that’s not happening, it’s a huge red flag.

No small problems should become big problems, and nothing should ever be kept from you. Just like guests are contacted before and after their stay, you should always be kept in the loop and communication should be easy.

Sign 8: Only available from 9-5

It’s inevitable. Problems happen. And they don’t always occur from during normal weekday work hours. Your rental management company needs to be available to handle maintenance requests and issues large and small at any hour, all year round.

Often, your rental property will be occupied over holidays. People love getting away to Ocean City for the Fourth of July, Labor Day, even Thanksgiving. If something occurs on a holiday, or in the middle of the night, you need to know your management company will handle it.

Are you ready to make a change?

You’ll always have one friendly person you can count on for answers and action.

If any of these eight warning signs sounded familiar to you, take the time to find a new rental management partner. Our team at Vantage would love to talk to you about our highly personalized, modern approach to managing vacation properties in Ocean City. We can also put you in touch with happy homeowners we’ve partnered with for years.

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