Your Guide to the Best Day of Fishing in Ocean City, Maryland

Are you ready to reel in some lasting memories? Fishing in Ocean City, MD, is a fantastic way to spend a day, and we’ve got some info to help you make the most of it. We’ll keep our fingers crossed that you get a trophy catch worth bragging about, but you’re sure to have a remarkable time no matter what. (Plus, you can always exaggerate about your catch to your friends — we won’t tell!) Check out our complete guide to Ocean City fishing to give yourself the best chances, and plan the perfect fishing trip when you book one of our waterfront vacation rentals!

Everything You Should Know About Fishing in Ocean City, MD

Types of Fish in Ocean City, MD

Learn the hottest fishing spots!

If you’re hoping to catch a certain species of fish, it’s important to time your visit according to the seasons. Springtime typically brings a rise in mackerel and bluefish. When summer arrives, don’t be surprised to see more crowds at the hottest fishing spots. This is due to the warm weather and a variety of fish like Yellowfin tuna, sea bass, and flounder. Of course, Ocean City is known as the White Marlin Capital of the World, and you’ll find plenty of them in the water during the summer months. Fall is similar to spring in that you can catch sea bass and bluefish as well as some trout and croaker. It might not be surprising that winter is one of the less ideal times for fishing in Ocean City, but you can still catch some migrating stripers during your visit in the offseason.

Surf Fishing in Ocean City, MD

Have you ever tried surf fishing?

Some of your first memories of fishing may be from the banks of small rivers, lakes, and streams, but have you ever tried surf fishing? Ocean City, MD, is an excellent place to give it a shot. You’re welcome to set up on the pristine, sandy shoreline with your preferred bait and cast into the rolling waters. 

We’d just like to remind you to stay at least 50 yards away from swimmers and beachgoers on public beaches and abide by all other surf-fishing laws set forth by the town of Ocean City. There are certain times and seasons when surf fishing is prohibited. As long as you follow the local rules and the weather is nice, you’re in for a beautiful day of fishing at the beach!

Bay Fishing in Ocean City, MD

Feel free to enjoy some bay fishing in Ocean City, MD.

Of course, if you prefer to take your angling talents to the other side of the strip, feel free to enjoy some bay fishing in Ocean City, MD. There are plenty of fish to catch here as well and several trusted charter companies to take you out onto the water, like Miss Ocean City Fishing that’s great for catching flounder, the Bay Bee which is great for families due to their special children’s rates, Happy Hooker Bay Fishing on Talbot Street, and many more. Some of them offer excursions in the Assawoman Bay as well as down to the Sinepuxent Bay by Assateague Island.

Not only is bay fishing in Ocean City, Maryland, a great opportunity to catch fish, but it’s also a lovely way to enjoy the beauty of our region. Sit back and relax on a scenic boat ride, cast your line, and take in the bay views as you wait for that highly anticipated nibble from a fish. It’s an incredible experience in so many different ways. You’ll have a whole list of memories to look back on by the time you get back to the mainland.

Ocean City Inlet Fishing

Try your luck with Ocean City inlet fishing!

So, now you know about surf fishing on the beachfront and fishing on the bayside. There’s one more option you should know about before embarking on your fishing trip to Ocean City, MD. Consider bringing your poles and tackle box along to the southern end of the downtown area and try your luck with Ocean City inlet fishing! It’s an excellent option if you’re staying near the boardwalk or want to explore some of the shops, restaurants, and rides after a morning of fishing. Here, you can cast from the jetties for a chance at reeling in bluefish, trout, tautog, and flounder, depending on the type of bait you use.

If you don’t have any luck from the jetties at the inlet, consider relocating to the Ocean City Fishing Pier or the Oceanic Fishing Pier nearby. In fact, the Oceanic Fishing Pier is open 24 hours a day from Memorial Day to Labor Day with ample lighting so that you can try some nighttime fishing! It’s one of the many reasons why it’s one of the most popular fishing spots in the area.

Annual Fishing Competitions

People come from all over to test their skills in Ocean City’s fishing tournaments.

Do you believe you have what it takes to compete against some of the best anglers in the country? People come from all over to test their skills in Ocean City’s fishing tournaments each year. The fun times and impressive cash prizes are more than enough to attract participants as well as curious spectators!

Ocean City Tuna Tournament | July 12 to 14

The original tuna tournament in the area.

It’s the original tuna tournament in the area, and it’s been bringing competitive anglers together for over 30 years! The 2018 Ocean City Tuna Tournament featured a total of over $850,000 in winnings! You’re welcome to see it all from the docks this year or dive into the action with a variety of competition categories. There’s even live entertainment and tasty refreshments.

White Marlin Open | August 5 to 9

Ocean City is known as the White Marlin Capital of the World!

We mentioned earlier that Ocean City is known as the White Marlin Capital of the World, so it’s fitting that we host a tournament featuring these fish that are fast-moving and tend to put up quite a fight when you hook them. And, if you think the prize money for the Ocean City Tuna Tournament is impressive, you’ll be shocked to find out that the 2018 White Marlin Tournament paid out over two and a half million dollars!

Where to Get Gear and Licenses

There are several tackle shops in Ocean City

You can’t plan the ultimate fishing trip without the right gear and a local fishing license, so we’re happy to help you find those as well! There are several tackle shops in Ocean City, MD, including at Bahia Marina and a store at the Oceanic Fishing Pier with rods, reels, bait, and more. Atlantic Tackle is another fantastic option over in West Ocean City with an impressive selection of gear and employees that are always friendly and happy to help you have a successful day by the water.
For licenses, you can usually pick them up at local tackle shops in the Ocean City area. Also, you’re welcome to go down the more convenient route and get your Maryland fishing license online!

Find the Ideal Retreat for Your Fishing Trip

Explore all of the possibilities – book direct and enjoy your happy place!

The ultimate guide to fishing in Ocean City, MD, isn’t complete without tips on finding the perfect property in the area. That’s where we come in! We have over 500 beautiful properties throughout Ocean City, allowing you to select your preferred spot along the beach, bay, or near the inlet and boardwalk. All you need to do is wake up after a restful night’s sleep, step outside, and walk to the waterfront for a delightful day of fishing or other popular watersports and local activities.

If you catch something tasty, you can cook it up yourself in one of our vacation rentals with fully equipped kitchens. Or, if you weren’t as lucky one day, you can still enjoy fresh seafood at the restaurants within walking distance of several of our properties. Take the first step toward a memorable getaway by browsing our current promotions and special deals on Ocean City properties. Then, explore all of the possibilities and book direct on our website to enjoy your happy place!

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