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  • Can I book a property with my friends as part of a high school, college or senior week?
  • The majority of our property owners have instructed us to rent to family groups only, and non-chaperoned groups under the age of 25 are not permitted. Please visit our Group Rentals Page to see a select number of properties that allow groups.

  • Can I bring sleeping bags or air mattresses so more guests can stay with us?
  • The number of guests sleeping at your property should not exceed the occupancy that has been specified by the property's owner. Please refer to your Lodging Agreement for details about your home's occupancy.

  • Can I park my trailer or large vehicle at my rental property?
  • Due to the high volume of guests in Ocean City, many buildings and communities cannot accommodate parking for trailers or large vehicles. Municipal parking is available in several locations, visit Town of Ocean City website for more info. To find out parking details at your property, please contact our Reservations Department at 800.555.4099.

  • Can I pre-book the same property for next year?
  • Yes! Feel free to call our Reservations Department during your stay to make an advanced reservation. You may also fill out the Tentative Reservation form found in your Welcome Packet and return to us at check-out or anytime thereafter.

  • Can I use a grill or BBQ at my rental unit?
  • Due to Ocean City fire ordinances, grilling is not permitted on balconies or in multi-family properties. However, there are a select number of Vantage rentals that are equipped with grills or allow you to bring your own, this information is displayed in the amenities section of each property.

  • Does my property building charge a registration fee?
  • Certain buildings in our inventory charge guests a non-refundable registration fee when they arrive on the property location. This fee is made payable directly to that community for the use of key fobs, pools, parking, and other facilities. Please refer to your Lodging Agreement and/or our Reservations Department to see if your community has any fees of this sort.

  • How can I make a payment or pay off the balance of my reservation?
  • Guests can make a payments or pay off the balance of their reservation by logging in to our online Guest Portal. This is a convenient area on our website where guests can access details about their vacation and make payments in a secure environment 24/7.  To access the Vantage Guest Portal:

    • Go to
    • Enter the email address associated with your reservation.
    • Enter your Tenant ID # as the password (found on top left-hand side of Lodging Agreement).
    • To pay your balance, click 'Reservation History' and then click the red 'Pay Now' button.

    If you prefer to pay by phone, simply call your Vacation Coordinator at (800) 555-4099.  We are looking forward to your arrival!  If we can assist you in any way, please don't hesitate to contact our office.

  • I saw Vantage homes listed on Craigslist at lower rates. Are these legitimate?
  • No.  Please be advised that Vantage Vacation Rentals DOES NOT list its properties on Craigslist.  If you see the content of our listings on Craigslist, it is not a legitimate advertisement.  The best way to find the lowest rate for our properties is by booking directly with us on

  • Is smoking allowed at my vacation rental?
  • All units are non-smoking, and many also do not allow smoking on the balcony or building premises. Guests who violate these policies may be assessed a fee if smoke removal is required.

  • What do I do if I have a cleaning or maintenance issue during my visit?
  • Vantage Vacation Rentals works hard to deliver homes that are clean and maintenance free. If you notice that your property is not clean when you arrive — or if you have any maintenance concerns during your visit — please notify us 888.234.5646 we can correct the issue for you as soon as possible.

  • What do I need to bring?
  • Guests should bring sheets & towels (unless you’ve purchased Linen Service), any soaps & detergents you may need, trash bags, and paper products (paper towels, toilet paper, napkins, etc.) Kitchens are equipped with coffee maker, dishes, glasses, flatware, and a basic supply of pots & pans. If you have any specific questions about amenities in your unit, just call 800.555.4099.

    For a full checklist of things to pack visit our beach packing checklist

  • What if I am arriving late?
  • Vantage Vacation Rentals provides after-hours access to guests via locked boxes at our Main Office /Check-In Location (53rd St.), North Ocean City Check-In Location (128th St.), Summer Beach Check-In Location (35th St.), and Belmont Towers Check-In Location (Dorchester St.).  Guests will receive an email regarding Late Arrival Instructions for their specific rental property.  Please be sure to call ahead if you will be arriving after 5:00 p.m. so that we can make the necessary arrangements and ensure that your check-in envelope is waiting for you when you arrive.


  • What if I arrive early - can I check-in early?
  • No. In order to coordinate the arrival of all Vantage guests, we cannot accept check-ins ahead of schedule. Please refer to your Lodging Agreement for your scheduled check-in time, and plan to arrive as close as possible to that timeframe. If you do arrive early, consider visiting a local attraction or grabbing a bite to eat.

  • What if I get locked out of my property?
  • If for some reason you become locked out of your property during business hours (9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.), please call our office for assistance at 410.723.1780. If you become locked out after business hours, please call 888.234.5646 or 410.520.2050 — a lockout fee will be assessed for after-hours assistance.

  • Where are you located?
  • Vantage Vacation Rentals has several offices in Ocean City. Please refer to your lodging agreement for the check-in location of your rental property.

    Main Office/Check-In Location in Mid-Town (53rd St.) - 5200B Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842

    Our Main Office/Check-In Location is located at the corner of 53rd St. and Coastal Hwy. (Suite B) on the ocean side of the island, about a half mile south of the Route 90 Bridge.

    North Ocean City Office (128th St.) - 12813 Coastal Highway, Ocean City, MD 21842

    Our North Ocean City Check-In Location is located in the Montego Bay Shopping Center at approximately 128th St. on the bay side of the island, about 1.2 miles from the Maryland-Delaware State Line and DE Route 54.  Our office can be found in the south end of the shopping center next to Trible's Inc. & Higgin's Crab House North.

    Summer Beach Check-In Location (35th St.) - 3 35th Street, Ocean City, MD 21842

    Our Summer Beach Check-In Location is located on 35th St. on the oceanfront and about 10 blocks from the North end of the Boardwalk. Our office can be accessed from the street side as well as the parking garage.

    Belmont Towers Check-In Location (Dorchester St. & Boardwalk) - 2 Dorchester St., Ocean City, MD 21842

    Our on-site Belmont Towers office is located on the south eastern corner of Belmont Towers building near the parking garage, which is found near the Boardwalk at Dorchester St.  It can be easily accessed via the Route 50 Bridge, which is two blocks north and west of the Belmont Towers building.

  • Where do I arrive for check-in?
  • Rentals from the S. Ocean City Inlet to 93rd St.

    Guests staying at properties located between the Inlet (south Ocean City) & 93rd St. are required to check-in at our Main Vantage Vacation Rentals office on 53rd St. (5200B Coastal Hwy., Ocean City, MD 21842), not at the rental property itself.  This includes properties in W. Ocean City and Ocean Pines.  The exceptions to this are Belmont Towers, Summer Beach and Princess Royale guests. Belmont Towers guests check-in at our on-site Belmont Towers office (2 Dorchester St., Ocean City, MD 21842).  Summer Beach guests check-in at our on-site Summer Beach office (3 35th St., Ocean City, MD 21842).  Princess Royale guests check-in at the Princess Royale front desk (9100 Coastal Hwy., Ocean City, MD 21842).

    Rentals from 94th St. to the Delaware Beaches

    Guests staying at rentals located north of 94th St. (including our Delaware properties) are required to check-in at our North Ocean City office (12813 Coastal Hwy., Ocean City, MD 21842), not at the rental property itself. 

    *Please refer to your lodging agreement to see which check-in location is used for your rental property.*

  • Will my Security Deposit Protection fee be refunded to me?
  • No, the $60 Security Deposit Protection Fee is non-refundable. This fee protects you for up to $1,500 in coverage against accidental damage to your property. However, this damage must be reported to Vantage staff as soon as it occurs. Certain pet-friendly properties may also charge a non-refundable Pet Fee, while others require a separate Pet Security Deposit that is exclusive of the damage waiver/security deposit for the unit itself. Finally, there are select properties in our inventory (such as group rentals) that do require a traditional Security Deposit. This deposit is refundable to guests within 30 days of check-out, as long as the rental is left in good condition and there are no charges for excessive housekeeping or maintenance.

  • Will the pool in my community be open during my stay?
  • Outdoor pools in OCMD primarily remain open from Memorial Day to Labor Day, with some exceptions. Pools are also closed periodically for cleaning and maintenance, yet Vantage Vacation Rentals is not always made aware of these closures.

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